Colleen Waguespack brings over twenty years of experience to her Interior Design Practice based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  She is as comfortable designing a contemporary home as she is blending antiques with modern upholstery and eclectic art collections.  Her signature style is a well-edited home that tells the story of her clients and reflects their personal preferences, style, and background.  She works with her clients' ideas, guiding them to a warm, pared-down and modern aesthetic as she helps refine and expand their sense of style.  Each project is a true collaboration with her clients that delivers a sophisticated and livable finished product.  

After graduating from the LSU School of Interior Design in 1997, Colleen started her career in Washington, DC where she worked for ten years as a project designer for commercial architecture firms designing corporate interiors.  She worked on numerous award winning and published projects ranging from corporate headquarters and non-profit organizations to prestigious law firms.  She worked for the firm that was on the forefront of environmentally-responsible interiors and collaborated with Lees Commercial carpets on their first line of sustainable carpets.  

In 2007, she and her husband, Stephen, moved with their three sons to Baton Rouge, LA.  Shortly after, she joined Holden & Dupuy Interiors, a nationally-recognized residential design firm based out of New Orleans.  In 2015 she founded Fig & Dove, a couture line of holiday décor designed to complement the interiors on which she was working.  With over twenty years of professional experience in Interior Design and clients throughout the United States, Colleen launched her own Interiors practice in 2016. 


Colleen has served on the Emerge Center board of directors, including as its president, since 2009, and in 2014 chaired their successful capital campaign. 

Due to her middle son, Christopher’s, diagnosis with autism, she is committed to the cause of autism spectrum and early intervention.  A portion of proceeds from Colleen Waguespack Interiors as well as Fig & Dove are directed to the Emerge Center in Baton Rouge, LA to ensure their long term growth and ability to reach families nationwide to overcome the epidemic of autism.