As the prospective client, it’s important for you to have a sense of how the design process works.  The methodology I use combines both my commercial interiors background and residential experience. It is in the best interest of my clients while also functioning well for my staff and I.  I value greatly the relationships that I have formed with my clients as they have lead to personal and professional fulfillment.  My clients’ ideas and input are always welcomed and valued.  They are an integral part of creating something in which they feel ownership and pride, and are confident that the design reflects their family's lifestyle.  The end result is that each project is original and different.  Creating a unique home is a rewarding experience primarily for my clients and also for me.




There is a per-square-foot charge for the construction aspect of a new home or remodel.  After meeting with a prospective client and gaining knowledge about the scope of work, the cost per square foot is determined based on the architect or contractor assigned to the job and how heavily involved we will be in that phase of the project.  I encourage clients to secure an Interior Designer in the beginning phases of building or renovating, as laying out appropriately scaled furniture will drastically change the clients' understanding of the floor plans and allows them to make changes early in the process rather than later when it can be costly or slow the project down.  In the initial phase, we can provide our clients with CAD plans of their furniture, finish selections, cabinetry styles, and interior hardware selections.




In lieu of an hourly fee, an estimated budget is determined for the project after the first client meeting in which we review the scope of work.  Fifteen percent (15%) of that budget is customary as the design fee, which allows me to travel with clients, talk over lunch, and spend as much time as we need really thinking through the design elements without the added stress of clients wondering if a meeting with a cocktail in hand is also something they are paying for.  We have a mark up on furnishings, which is standard for our profession and is detailed in our contract.  After the contract is signed, we design the project based on your input and our design expertise.  We then follow with a client presentation to ensure the aesthetic is what our clients are envisioning.  After any adjustments are made, a proposal with pictures including furnishings, lighting, and fabrics is presented to the client.  It is then greatly beneficial that we visit the showrooms so the client can see and try out the furniture presented before we begin procurement.  This is especially helpful when there are sofas and chairs in the scope of work.  Once the proposal is signed, we procure and warehouse all furniture where it awaits installation until the completion of construction or until the majority of furnishings in that proposal have arrived.  We are on site for all installations.