After spending a number of years on the Residential side of Interior Design, I found clients asked for help styling their homes at Christmas, yet their was a lack of product on the market that complemented the style of homes I was working on.  I found that ready made product on the market at a time of year when everyone gets excited to decorate was a departure from the aesthetic and quality of the homes that grace the pages of countless shelter magazines, Pintrest, Houzz, Instagram and the whole world of blogging and social media.  After researching the market for three years and determining that their truly was a void in the market I launched the initial Fig & Dove collection in time for Christmas 2015.  The southern side of me loves that the quality and timeless aspect of all of our pieces mean it’s something that can be collected and passed down.  The artist in me loves that each piece was developed in collaboration with an artisan and truly is a work of art.